The History of Blue Dolphins Aquatics.  Yes, we need to update it!

Stephanie Iraggi was first introduced to competitive swimming at 8 years old.  She began swimming on a summer swim team, and within a couple of years she began swimming year-round as well.  By her freshman year in high school, she was an assistant coach for her summer team and she continued coaching there for nearly a decade. 

Durham Dolphins Swim Team was formed in 2002 as a swim team to fit the needs of local homeschooled swimmers.  Stephanie was a charter swimmer on that team and swam with them through high school.  In 2006, she was unexpectedly offered the position as head coach.  She had been swimming competitively for about ten years at that point, had always enjoyed working with children, had always enjoyed teaching, and had really enjoyed coaching for her summer swim team.  Stephanie accepted the challenge and took ownership of the team, continuing as owner and head coach of the swim team while was earning her college degree. 

Over the next four years with Durham Dolphins, Stephanie felt a greater and greater sense of "this is where I belong" - so it broke her heart in the spring of 2010 to decide that Durham Dolphins was finished.  Her assistant coach was getting married and moving.  She had finished my degree and figured she'd better get a "big girl job." 

Stephanie had worked for an excellent swim lessons company and loved teaching lessons - but she missed the team too much.  She knew that to restart the team, she would have to start over; however, by that point in the swim year, most of the DDST swimmers had joined other teams.  In this process, she also discovered that swimming is undoubtedly her passion, and there is no better job than sharing what you are passionate about.

So Stephanie thought, prayed, and decided to take a leap of faith and restart the team.  Adding the Swim Academy also seemed like the next logical step, as she had been teaching swimming lessons even longer than she had been coaching…nothing can quite compare to the thrill of seeing a child swim on his/her own for the first time!  Because the team and the academy covered more than the Durham area, she changed the name to Blue Dolphins Aquatics.

In the spring of 2015, Stephanie made the difficult decision to relinquish control of Blue Dolphins Aquatics in order to focus on starting a family.  Matti Svoboda, also an experienced coach and swim instructor, made an offer to purchase Blue Dolphins Aquatics and so the business continues!  The transition to the new ownership is complete and Stephanie has been blessed with a baby girl!  Matti has added several new staff as she is beginning to implement her vision for the business.

All BDA primary coaches and some of our instructors are USA Swimming certified coaches. 
This means that they are currently certified by the American Red Cross and/or American Heart Association in:
First Aid
Safety Training for Swim Coaches
In addition, all employees must:
pass a criminal background check every two years
complete additional training in swimming instruction and technique on an on-going basis (as applicable)

We are so excited to get to be a part of your swimming journey.  Thank you for choosing Blue Dolphins Aquatics!

The Mission Statement of Blue Dolphins Aquatics is:
 to provide an inclusive, unique and inspiring swim team experience by combining skill work, 
speed work, fun activities, and character development.