Briar Chapel 2019 Group Lessons
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   If you are interested in Blue Dolphins Aquatics lessons at another pool, 
please learn more about our Swim Academy

Blue Dolphins Aquatics is offering group swim lessons for residents of Briar Chapel this summer!

  • Lessons are open to students of all ages and abilities, including children under 3 and adults.
  • The class meets Mon-Thu, with Friday as a make-up day in the event one of the regular scheduled days was cancelled. 
  • Cancellations are only allowed if you are cancelling for the entire week and your cancellation request is received at least 15 days in advance of the first scheduled lesson. 
  • If you miss an individual class within the week this will be considered a student absence and no make-up, credit or refund will be given. 
  • If we find on the first day of the week a swimmer is signed up for an incorrect level, BDA will move the swimmer to the proper level should space be available within the current week. If no space is available in the current week, NO CREDIT OR REFUND will be issued. 
  • A $20 non-refundable annual insurance fee applies per student once lessons are scheduled.
  • BDA is on auto-pay via credit card only.  
    All customers must enter credit card information in the BDA Portal before lessons can be scheduled. 
  • Please email  with any questions!

Parent/Child Group Class - $40 per class for the week
  • BDA's parent/child lessons are designed as an introductory aquatic experience for young children as well as a means to equip parents with basic techniques and strategies to prepare children for swimming success.  Older/more advanced students in these classes will also learn the basics of swimming: flotation, going under water, and swimming unassisted.
  • This is not a "survival swim class" but we will teach the steps of the "jump, flip and float" sequence, as well as, "jump, turn, swim, and climb out" sequence. 
  • BDA parent/child lessons are designed for children ages 6-36 months.  A parent or responsible adult is in the water with each child.

Preschool/Youth Group Classes - $50 per child for the week
Preschool 1 Group Class (Ages 3-5)
    • For children who have little or no previous water experience.
    • Focus is placed on developing comfort in the water and introducing basic water skills.
Preschool 2 Group Class (Ages 3-5)
    • Students should be comfortable in the water and be able to fully submerge and swim independently with a floatation device.
    • Focus is placed on swimming independently for short distance on their stomach and float on their back.
Preschool 3 Group Class (Ages 4-6)
    • Students should be able to swim at least 5 feet independently on their stomach and back.
    • Focus is placed on learning basic freestyle and backstroke and swimming at least half the length of the lap pool.
Youth Beginner Class (Ages 6 - 8)
    • For children wo have little or no previous water experience.
    • Focus is placed on developing comfort in the water and introducing basic water skills.
Youth Intermediate Class (Ages 6 - 8)
    • Students should be able to swim at least 10 feet independently on their stomach and back.
    • Focus is placed on learning basic freestyle and backstroke and swimming at least half the length of the lap pool.
Youth Advanced Class (Ages 6 - 10)
    • Students should be able to swim at least half the length of the pool (15 yards) doing freestyle and backstroke.
    • Focus is placed on increasing endurance so students can swim a 25 yard freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers may also start to learn breaststroke and butterfly.
Please follow the directions below to enroll
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Parent/Child Lessons

Preschool 1 Lessons

Preschool 2 Lessons


Preschool 3 Lessons


Youth Beginner Lessons


Youth Intermediate Lessons

To Enroll in Group Lessons

    1. If you have not yet registered with BDA (created an account), register here before continuing.
      The person creating the account must be a legal guardein of the student(s) registered
    2. You will not be able to enroll in classes until you have entered credit card information in the portal.
    3. Use the scrollbar to view the entire list of classes available for the chosen age group.
    4. Click Enroll (or Waitlist if the class is full) beside the first class chosen.
    5. If you are already registered with BDA, click the red "Already a Customer?  Click here to Login" link.
    6. Login to the BDA portal.
    7. From the class page, click the Add to Cart button.
    8. Click the checkbox for each student(s) to enroll.
    9. Click Add to Cart again.
      Notes about open class spots:
    10. If you get the Orange notification saying "0 spots remaining",  you just put the last available slot in your cart.  
      Check out now because you don't actually have the slot until you checkout!If you go back to the class list and see "1 spot left" and attempt to add to the cart, you will get the orange notification again and nothing will happen.  At this point, you need to go to the cart and checkout/enroll to secure your spots and get an updated picture of what is available for each class.

    If you want to 
    enroll in another class, continue to enroll from the portal below (or enroll again from the webpage):
    1. Click on Classes.
    2. Click on Find Classes.
    3. Move the Location, Age Range and Wait List sliders to the right.
    4. Click the Menu button (series of bars in a blue circle) on the Class List header.
    5. Click Location and select "Briar Chapel".
    6. Click Add Filter.
    7. If you want to filter further, click #/Month or Type and choose "Parent/Child, Preschool 1 or Preschool 2".
    8. Click Add Filter
    9. Click on the Class of interest and follow steps 7-9 above.

    To Checkout:
    1. Click on the cart button on the top right of the your portal.
    2. Verify the classes/students listed.
      Note: it is possible that some enrollments did not happen because the class filled up before you checked-out from the cart!
      Go back to the web class listing or portal and Enroll for a Waitlist slot for that class!
    3. Click the Enroll Now button.
    4. The class fees will be added to your account.
    5. Within a few days, BDA will email a schedule and, when appropriate, an invoice.

Registration and Payment questions, please email