My name is Bachka, and I am excited to teach with Blue Dolphin Aquatics. 
I recently moved to the Research Triangle Park area after graduating from the University of Minnesota.  

While in college, I taught at Foss Swim School. 

I love working with young swimmers and helping them learn how to traverse through a world covered in water. 

I have experience working with all types of swimmers, from beginner level to Olympians. 

Most importantly, I believe that swimming is a fun tool that helps build confidence and self-esteem.

I look forward to seeing you at the pool! 

You may contact me at Bachka@BlueDolphinsAquatics.com.  

If you need to request to cancel a lesson, please email Lessons@BlueDolphinsAquatics.com.  
If the request is within 48 hours of the scheduled lesson date, please also email Info@BlueDolphinsAquatics.com.