My name is Stephanie Iraggi, and I am the owner of Blue Dolphins Aquatics.   Three of my favorite activities include swimming, teaching, and working with kids, and I am delighted to combine these passions in this program.  I have been swimming competitively for about 18 years, coaching during the summer for 9 years, and serving as head coach of this team for about 7 years.  I love to learn, and I am always looking for a new method to teach a skill or a novel way to make lessons and practices so fun you don’t realize how hard you are working.  I am a USA Swimming certified coach.  I look forward to helping you improve your skills, strength, and stamina in the water.  Let’s swim!

What I expect from myself:

I am a Christian, and I strive to live a life that reflects the goodness of my God.  In practical terms, this means I will seek to serve the swimmers, students, and parents with honesty, integrity and respect.  I will endeavor to pass on values that promote good mental and physical health such as sportsmanship, good work ethic, and teamwork.  In order to promote this I will:

1.     Continue to learn new techniques and methods for swim improvement. 

2.     Make the practices and lessons a safe, enjoyable atmosphere.  

3.     Do my best to communicate well with the parents and students.

   I am looking forward to serving you!