My name is Josee Meehan. 

I am an avid swimmer, lover of water and the mother of three children who swim like fish. 
I swam competitively as a teenager and now swim for relaxation and exercise, even competing in triathlons. 

I've worked with adult and children at the YMCA and privately to help them gain confidence and skill in the water. 
I still work as a lifeguard for the YMCA and take water safety seriously.

I enjoy being active with my kids and husband: hiking, swimming, biking, playing tennis, cooking and enjoying time at the lake. 

I look forward to working with children and families to make swimming a safe, enjoyable and life skill. 

You may contact me at  

If you need to request to cancel a lesson, please email  
If the request is within 48 hours of the scheduled lesson date, please also email