Hi!  My name is Julia-Scott Dawson.

I am a recent graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, where I majored in English and Creative Writing.

After a particularly traumatizing swim lesson when I was young, I told my mom that I would never go in a pool again!
Three years later, at the age of 9, I realized that I loved swimming and joined a year-round team.

After moving to the Durham/Chapel Hill area in high school, I swam with a local year-round team for a few years before switching to open water swimming and triathlons.

I love working with kids and have 6 years of coaching experience.  
This past summer I had a blast working as the assistant coach for a local summer swim team.

When not coaching or swimming, I enjoy hiking, reading, playing with my dog Butters, and finding an excuse to eat chocolate!

I coach at Campus Hills in the mornings and am the head coach in the afternoons at Campus Hills and Edison Johnson.

I am also a lesson instructor (I have been teaching lessons for 6 years) and will do my best to provide positive, compassionate and fun swim lessons!

See you at the pool!