Would you like to be a Blue Dolphins Aquatics staff member?

Blue Dolphins Aquatics is currently interested in hiring Swim Instructors, Swim Team Coaches.  We will also hire Lifeguards for Summer 2019 at an outdoor pool in South Durham.

We're looking for full- and part-time staff and both coaches and assistant coaches.  Generally, we prefer to hire coaches and instructors who are 17 and older, but we will consider mature younger applicants.

Blue Dolphins Aquatics runs a program based on the fundamentals.  We strive for our students to learn the core skills that promote safe swimming and we focus on individual improvement, teamwork, sportsmanship and fun. 

We are looking for instructors who can provide quality instruction through proper technique; ensuring safety of all swimmers is essential, as well as creating a positive and fun learning environment.

Ideal applicants are swim instructors, swim team coaches, competitive swimmers, and/or school teachers/educators with an aquatic background. WSI is not required, but preferred.  Lifeguard certification is required for all coaches and swim instructiors;  we can assist you in obtaining that certificaiton.

Why Work For Us? 
1.   Flexibility 
         At Blue Dolphins Aquatics, you set your schedule and decide when you’re able to 
2.  Competitive pay
         Blue Dolphins Aquatics offers competitive compensation per hour for each instructor 
and coach. 
3.  Fast-paced, always-changing work environment 
         Teach lessons and coach swim team while maximizing your unique gifts and teaching styles to help students learn. 
         Working with students and finding different ways to help each one excel provides you with a fulfilling job that changes every day. 

We are looking for instructors and coaches who are:
  • Passionate about swimming and teaching others about swimming
  • Gifted in creating a safe, fun and effective learning atmosphere
  • Professional, responsible, good role models and good communicators

If you would like to join our team, please start by filling out our online employment application.