Lake Hogan Farms
2019 Swim Team Junior Coaches

Go Dolphins!

We are excited to continue the Junior Coach Program at Lake Hogan Farms this year!

What is a Junior Coach?
  • A Junior Coach is an older swimmer on the team who volunteers their time to help out with the younger swimmers.
  • They are in the water during the 8&Under practices to give individual attention to swimmers who need help with specific techniques.
  • Junior coaches will receive a discount on their own swim team fees.

How old is a Junior Coach
  • A Junior Coach must be at least 12 years old and have swam on the team during the 2017 and/or 2018 season. 
  • Once a Junior Coach turns 15 and obtains his/her lifeguard certification, he/she can apply to be a paid assistant coach.

What are a Junior Coach's Responsibilities?
  • Junior Coaches are not expected to lead practices; however, they are expected to be an active part of the swimmers' learning. 
  • This means that Junior Coaches are expected to be in the water, to be attentive to swimmers and learn swimmers' names, to ensure swimmers are listening, and to provide hands-on instruction in the water. 
  • Junior coaches should be able to lead stretches and games. 
  • We hope Junior Coaches will be able to attend at least one meet; not only to swim in the meet, but also to cheer on all the younger swimmers during their races.

What is the attendance policy for a Junior Coach?
  • Junior Coaches will need to attend a minimum of eight 30-minute swim team prep classes in order to complete training with the Head Coach. 
  • Even though this is a volunteer position, we do ask that junior coaches be able to attend at least 12 of the 43 scheduled practices. 
  • Junior Coaches are encouraged to be at as many practices as they can, and always be willing to get in the water. 
  • The head coach will determine a volunteer schedule so that the number of Junior Coaches is balanced equally at all the practices.

How do swimmers apply to be a Junior Coach? 
  • Step One, Swimmers (not their parents) will need to fill out this application no later than Sunday, May 5.
  • Step Two, Applicants will meet with the Head Coach for a mini-interview and go over the Code of Expectations during the first two weeks of May.
  • Questions, please e-mail Matti at