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Stroke Development Classes
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Services offered from this page are available to
Lake Hogan Farms residents only

Enroll* in one class or multiples classes.... it's up to you!

8 & Under Stroke Development:
Listing will be available soon!

9 & Older Stroke Development:
Listing will be available soon!
The Blue Dolphins Aquatics $20 insurance/registration fee per swimmer applies the first month BDA services are used
and covers a year of Blue Dolphins Aquatics swim team and swim lessons per swimmer

*Ready to Enroll?
  1. Read important information about Blue Dolphins Aquatics first!
    Read our Swim Academy Policies (Stroke Development is treated like an Academy lesson)
  2. Register your family and each swimmer (if not already registered)
  3. Click Enroll beside the class of interest above
  4. Click Already a customer? Click here to login. to be directed to your parent portal
  5. Enter your login information and click "Sign In"
  6. On the class pop-up, click the checkbox for each student to enroll and then click "Enroll"
  7. Close the confirmation pop-up and the registration window
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 for all other classes of interest
    Fees will be automatically posted to your portal
    Within a few days, you will receive a copy of the schedule and an invoice
    Pay online via ACH transfer using our Dwolla BDA Payment Form or mail a check to the address on your invoice  
If you need to make changes to your Stroke Development class schedule, email