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2018 Swim Team Prep has ended

Go Dolphins!

Swim Team Prep: What is it?
Swim team prep (STP) is for swimmers who want to get a jump start before the regular season. 
STP is similar to small group lessons and will focus on swimmers being able to swim 25 freestyle and 25 backstroke. 
Qualified swimmers may sign-up for one, two, three or all four days depending on your schedule.
If our current class offering fill we will do our best to open more time slots.

Who can sign up and when?
1. Swimmers from last year's team who have not been swimming and want to make sure they can still swim 25 yards. 
These swimmers can sign-up now!
2. Swimmers who did not meet the swim team requirements at the assessment, but the coaches think they can meet the requirements with some practice and gave approval.
These swimmers may not sign-up until after the assessment and coach approval.
3.  Current BDA swimmers who have never been on the LHF team, please email with an approval request.

If you aren't sure if swim team prep is right for your child please e-mail

Swim Team Prep: Practice Schedule
May 30, June 4,6,7
Cost:  $10 per class

6 and under 4:00 - 4:30 
7 and 8 4:40 - 5:10 
6 and under 5:20 - 5:50 
7 and 8 6:00 - 6:30 
9 and over 6:40 - 7:10 

Enrollment Details

Enrollment Instructions:
  1. Use the scrollbar to view the entire use of classes available
  2. Click Enroll (or Waitlist if the class is full) beside the first class from the list above
  3. If you are already registered with BDA, click the red "Already a Customer?  Click here to Login" link
    • If you are not registered with BDA, register here then come back to this page
  4. Login to the BDA portal
  5. From the class page, click the Add to Cart button
  6. Click the checkbox for each student(s) to enroll
  7. Click Add to Cart again
    Notes about open class spots:
    • If you get the Orange notification saying "You have filled remaining spots",  check out now because you don't actually have the slot until you click Enroll from the cart! Once checked-out, you can search the class again and click Waitlist to be put on the waitlist.
    • If you go back to the class list and see "1 spot left" and attempt to add to the cart, you will get the orange notification again and nothing will happen.  At this point, you need to go to the cart and checkout/enroll to secure your spots and get an updated picture of what is available for each class.

If you want to enroll in another STP class, continue to enroll from the portal (or check-out and enroll again from the webpage):
  1. Click on Classes
  2. Click on Find Classes
  3. Move the Location, Age Range and Wait List sliders to the right
  4. Click the Menu button (series of bars in a blue circle) on the Class List header
  5. Click Session
  6. Select "Swim Team - 2018 - Lake Hogan Farms"
  7. Click Add Filter
  8. Click on the Class of interest and follow steps 5-7 above

When all classes for all students are in your cart:
  1. Click on the cart button on the top right of the your portal
  2. Verify the classes/students listed 
    Note that it is possible that some enrollments did not happen because the class filled up before you checked-out from the cart!
    Go back to the web class listing or portal and Enroll for a Waitlist slot for that class!
  3. Click the Enroll Now button
  4. The class fees will be added to your account
  5. Within a few days, BDA will email a schedule and, when appropriate, an invoice

Registration and Payment questions, please email