Paying with Dwolla

How to Pay:

Set up a Dwolla account (read below) then submit payment using only our BDA Payment Form which is also linked on your invoice. 

  1. Fill out the requested information on the form and click continue
  2. Log into your Dwolla account
  3. Choose your funding source
  4. Enter your Dwolla PIN
  5. Click “Submit Payment”
  6. You will get an immediate "Thank You" notification that your payment is pending and receive an email to the same effect
  7. If you do NOT get the confirmation notification, your payment did not go through

Overview of Dwolla

  • To Use Dwolla, you must have a checking or savings account at a US Bank. 
  • Dwolla is NOT a credit card processor. 
  • Dwolla will verify your funding source bank account one of two ways, instant or deposit.
  • Payments submitted via Dwolla may take 3-4 business days to process.  BDA will post your pending payment as of the day the transaction was initiated.  BDA will reverse the payment if we receive notification from Dwolla that the payment was canceled.
  • If you have questions regarding Dwolla, please contact Dwolla support at 1-888-289-8744 or email  There is a lot of help at


CREATE a Dwolla account and VERIFY your bank account:

  1. Do not create a Current account - this is used for person-to-person payment only!
  2. Understand two options for account verification before you start the Dwolla process then follow the directions starting in step 3:
    •  Instant Account Verification (this is the default):
      • Not all banks/credit unions participate in Instant verification.  If you receive an error message when searching for your bank, please use the Micro Deposit method.
      • Instant verification requires you to enter your online banking login credentials and takes only a few minutes.  
      • It is recommended that you create a temporary bank password for the verification and change it immediately afterward. 
    • Micro Deposit Verification:
      • Please check with your banking institution to get your FULL ACH account number before you start or you will get an error (there could be additional digits in the ACH account number - this may already be posted when logged into your bank).
      • Enter your bank’s routing and account numbers and check the checking or savings account box.  
      • In 1-3 business days, Dwolla will make two small deposits (under $0.20) into your bank account. 
        • Once both deposits have been made, sign into your Dwolla account at and click on “Funding sources”. 
        • Click “Verify" and enter the amounts of the two deposits to finish connecting your bank account to Dwolla. 
        • You will receive an email from Dwolla confirming that your bank account has been verified.  
      • If Dwolla comes back with an error message, please check with your bank to get the correct ACH account number
  3. Go to  Enter your email address and set a password.
  4. Choose to create a “Personal account”.
  5.  “Connect an account” (your bank or credit union account) to be able to transfer funds between your bank and BDA (via Dwolla). 
    For screenshots of the process, please read the detailed Dwolla help here.
  6. Choose your verification method and follow the suggestions above for your chosen method.
  7. Begin to enter your bank/credit union name and select the correct one from the list.
  8. Don't forget your PIN, you will need it to send money!
  9. Once you have the Account Verified email from Dwolla, you may send money to BDA.