Credit Card Policies

General Information:
BDA accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard and Discover.  

Accounts are on auto-pay by entering valid credit card information in the BDA portal and agreeing to BDA policies.  At the point of agreement, you authorize Blue Dolphins Aquatics to charge your credit card for all invoiced fees (invoices sent via email).  This includes past unpaid fees, fees for the current month and/or fees for the upcoming month.  Please respond immediately if there is an issue with your invoice to avoid an incorrect credit card charge!  A receipt will be sent for approved payments.  Another invoice will be sent for declined payments (see policy below).

Invoice/Payment for fees for the upcoming month:

  • BDA will send an invoice on or after the 20th of each month for fees due for the upcoming month
  • BDA will initiate a credit card charge after the 25th of the month (ex. October 25th for upcoming November fees)
Invoice/Payment for fees added during the current month:
  • BDA will send an invoice or delayed invoice notification when lesson or miscellaneous fees are added to the account either: 
    • during the current month for the current month  -or-
    • between the 25th and the last day of the month for the upcoming month (ex. October 29th for upcoming November services) 
  • BDA will send an invoice for lessons scheduled within 72 hours and/or swim team enrollment for the current month.   Payment is due immediately and BDA will initiate a credit card charge 24 hours after the invoice is sent.
  • For lessons scheduled outside 72 hours and/or miscellaneous fees for the current month:
    • Payment is due immediately and BDA, at our discretion, will either
      • send an invoice and initiate a credit card charge two days after the invoice is sent - or -
      • send a delayed invoice notification and include the fees on the upcoming monthly invoice

Declined Payment: 
If your card payment is declined, BDA will contact you immediately.
  • BDA will send a new invoice for the outstanding fees plus a $10 administrative/late fee to reprocess payment.
  • You have two (2) days to update your credit card information via the BDA portal.  
    BDA will initiate a credit card charge immediately when a new card is entered.
  • If the information is not updated and/or payment cannot be processed, all BDA services will be suspended and all lesson slots will be available to other customers.

Expiring Credit Cards:
BDA will send an email reminder when the card on file is due to expire.  Please update your card information via the portal.
If you need to delete a card for any reason, you must add a new card then delete the old one.
The declined payment policy will apply if the card is not updated before a payment is processed.

Refunds and Disputed Charges:
BDA lesson cancellation and swim team policies apply and credit card payment will be processed for swim lesson no shows and unapproved swim lesson student absences.  No credit or refund is issued for "unused" swim team practices or if the swim team downgrade request was made outside the stated policy timeframe.

BDA will refund a credit balance on the account upon request if there is a credit balance with no outstanding fees on the account.  Refunds will be credited back to your credit card.  If the credit card used for payment is no longer valide, the refund will be issued by check to the address listed on the BDA portal.

If there is an issue with a credit card charge, please contact BDA before initiating a dispute with your credit card holder so both parties understand the disagreement.  Once a dispute is filed, BDA cannot issue a refund to your credit card.  If a dispute is filed and BDA subsequently proves that the dispute was not our responsibility, BDA will add all chargeback fees to the client account and process the charge immediately.  In addition, if the client does not cancel a disputed charge that was the client's responsibility and the money is taken from the BDA account, BDA will delete the payment from the client account and process the charge for that amount plus the chargeback fees immediately.

Removing a Credit Card from your Account:

If you are no longer using BDA services and do not want BDA to have your credit card information on file, please submit the request to delete the card information to  If there are no outstanding fees on your account, we will delete the information. If you request BDA services in the future, you will need to enter credit card information before any services are scheduled. 
Updated December 28, 2018