Swim Team Equipment

Swim Goggles - required
  • We recommend a local swim shop to help fit the swimmer's face in order to help with comfort and prevent leakage
    • If you know the size and style, try  Amazon, Omega Sports or Dick's Sporting Goods or other online retailers
  • Tinted goggles are great for outside, but clear lenses are better for inside swimming
  • Goggles with a double back strap versus a single strap (or even a strap that splits) are preferred...the swimmer will have greater sucess with goggles staying on during diving and they will leak less     

Swim Fins - required for Blue/White & highly encouraged for Grey
  • Purchase swimmers fins versus Scuba diving flippers 
  • We recommend fins with a longer blade (8-12 inch range depending on size)
  • The short "zoomers" with a mini-blade will work, but not our preferred fin
  • How to get the right size - try them on!!!
    • We have fins at practice for swimmers to try on (but none for purchase)
    • SKS Sports Shop near the Sportsplex in Hillsborough has lots of fins and can help size and order them
      • SKS usually has the super small fins in stock and can order them also
    • Omega Sports and Dick's Sporting Goods don't always have tons of fins in stock but they can help size and order them

Water Bottles - required
  • Did you know that a swimmer can get dehydrated even when in the water??    
  • Any water bottle will do.... just bring one!
  • We have custom BDA water bottles for sale - see below

Swim Caps - highly encouraged

  • Swim caps are not required but are highly encouraged for practice and meets
  • Latex caps are cheaper but not as comfortable as silicone caps... and tend not to last as long
  • Latex and silicone BDA swim caps are available while others are in local stores and online

Order team t-shirts, water bottles and swim caps directly from BDA!
    The cost will be added to your account and these items will be delivered via a coach/instructor.    https://sites.google.com/a/bluedolphinsaquatics.com/blue-dolphins-aquatics/store/latex%20cap.jpg?attredirects=0

Local Swim Shops: