Swim Team Equipment Information

Swim Goggles

  • We recommend Amazon, Omega Sports or Dick's Sporting Goods over Wal-mart and Target.... even better, one of the local swim shops. Local swim shops can help find a pair of goggles that best fit your child's face in order to help with comfort and prevent leakage
  • Tinted goggles are great for outside, but clear lenses are better for inside swimming
  • You want goggles with a double strap versus a single strap in the back (or even a strap that splits)....your child will have greater sucess with goggles staying on during diving and they will leak less     

Water Bottles
  • Did you know that you can get dehydrated even when you are in the water??    
  • Any water bottle will do.... we just want swimmers to bring one. 
  • We have custom BDA water bottles for sale if you want one of those.    

Swim Fins 
  • Make sure you get swimmers fins versus SCUBA diving flippers 
  • We recommend fins with a longer blade (in the 8-12 inch range depending on size)
  • The short "zoomers" with a mini-blade will work, but not our preffered fin
  • How to get the right size - try them on!!!
    • SKS Sports Shop near the Sportsplex in Hillsborough has lots of fins and can help you size them and order them if needed
      SKS usually has the super small fins in stock and can order them also
    • Omega Sports and Dick's Sporting Goods don't always have tons of fins in stock but they can help you size and order them
    • We have fins at practice for swimmers to try on (but none for purchase)

Swim Caps
  • Swim caps are not required but we REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY RECOMMEND that swimmers wear a cap at practice
  • Latex caps are cheaper but not as comfortable as silicone caps.... and tend not to last as long
  • You can easily order caps online, pick them up at the store or get your very own latex or silicone BDA swim cap from our store


Local Swim Shops

  • SKS Sports Shop in Hillsborough (near Sportsplex)
  • All American Swim in Cary 
  • Kast-A-Way Swimwear - Pleasant Valley Shopping Center on Glenwood Ave,  919-781-3775