BDA Portal

How is Blue Dolphins Aquatics Swim Academy different?
  • BDA schedules lessons based on student/instructor/pool availability.  BDA does not own the pools where we teach; we use pool space at local pools.
  • BDA tailors the lesson(s) to the student's level and/or needed swimming skill - it's up to you!
  • BDA schedules as many or as few lessons as the student wants; that may be one lesson or a lesson each week for the whole lesson session!  Also, remember to request lessons for the next session when you get the email about lesson requests opening.
  • BDA can potentially travel to your neighborhood pool in the summer!

What does the Blue Dolphins Aquatics Swim Academy philosophy mean to you?
  • Your lesson time and instructor are reserved for you (or your group).   Your instructor is your instructor for the series of lesson unless arranged otherwise.  If the instructor is unable to make the lesson or the facility is closed, BDA will offer lesson credit for the missed lesson.  BDA does not offer makeup lessons but will be happy to schedule an additional lesson at the normal rate.
  • BDA requires payment for all lessons once the schedule is set.  BDA does allow schedule changes within limited parameters which are outlined in our lesson cancellation policy.
  • Because BDA lessons are scheduled specifically for each student and of greatly varying number of lessons per month/session, it would be impossible to fairly apply an "excused absence" policy.  Please read more about Payment & Canceled Lessons before you schedule lessons.

Who is eligible to be a Swim Academy student?   Almost anyone! 
  • 6 months & older in Parent/Child classes
  • Learn-to-swim students (children to adults!)
  • Stroke development
  • Technique improvement
  • Special needs
  • Triathlon training
  • Don’t see yourself here? Ask me!

How long are lessons?
30 minutes is standard.  We also schedule 45-minute and hour lessons.  If you are interested in a longer lesson or a specialized workout, please ask!