Frequently Asked Questions about the Swim Academy

Who is eligible to be a student?
Almost anyone! 
  • 6 months & older in Parent/Child classes
  • Learn-to-swim students (children to adults!)
  • Stroke development
  • Technique improvement
  • Special needs
  • Triathlon training
  • Don’t see yourself here? Email!
How many lessons will it take for me/my child to learn to swim? 
I get this question a lot, and the honest answer is: I don't know.  A lot of how fast a child learns is dependent on the individual child- age, former ability, fears, even height and weight can affect how quickly they learn to swim.  Also, my definition of "he/she can swim" may differ from yours!

How many lessons should I schedule per week? Total?
Our recommendation for most is if you're not sure how long you'd like to take lessons, start with a few lessons.  When the series of lessons is close to complete, the instructor can help you evaluate your goals against the progress made so far. Since Blue Dolphins Swim Academy runs month-to-month, you have the choice to continue or finish.

Swimming is more like learning to play the piano than learning to ride a bike.  How many lessons you or your child will need depends on whether you want/ want them to "read music" or "play Mozart".   And just like playing the piano, for some it will come easily, whereas others will take longer.  As always, the more you practice between lessons, the better you get!

How do I know the scheduling process is complete so I can attend lessons?
  1. You will receive a lesson scheduling confirmation email after:
    • your request is submitted and the scheduler has communicated with you
    • your registration form is received
  2. You will receive an invoice for the annual registration fees and the current and/or upcoming month's fees
  3. Once BDA receives payment, you will receive a receipt and you can attend your lessons!

What do I need to bring to the lesson?
Yourself, your suit and your towel.  Goggles are also great, but are not required.  If you happen to own fins, those can be a fun part of a lesson as well- but they are very optional.

Can the student or I/my other children swim before, during or after my child's lesson?
Please refer to the BDA Swim Academy Policies page for full details.

When is a lesson cancelled due to bad weather or pool conditions?
Please visit our Swim Academy Policies page for full details.