Parent/Child Lessons
Please read below about how to schedule a parent/child lesson below

What ages are included in Parent/Child Lessons? 

Our parent/child classes are designed for children ages 6-36 months.  A parent or responsible adult is in the water with each child.

What should I expect from Parent/Child lessons with Blue Dolphins Aquatics?

Blue Dolphins Aquatics' parent/child lessons are designed as an introductory aquatic experience for young children as well as a means to equip parents with basic techniques and strategies to prepare children for swimming success.  Older/more advanced students in these classes will also learn the basics of swimming: flotation, going under water, and swimming unassisted.

How is Blue Dolphins Aquatics different than programs that teach "survival method" lessons for young children?

While there are teaching techniques available that focus intensely on early self-rescue abilities, Blue Dolphins Aquatics' student-centered philosophy leads us to instruct in a more child-led manner, with a focus on creating positive learning associations.  We fully encourage early swimming in young children and employ a fun, gentle approach to excite children toward this lifelong skill!

What is your cancellation policy for parent/child classes?

Individual parent/child classes follow the same policies as our private, semi-private and family lessons.  

How do we schedule a parent/child lesson?
Parent/Child lessons are currently available to schedule at O2 Fitness, Parkwood (summer only) and neigborhood pools.
If you have several swimmers available to form a parent/child lesson, please email with the number of swimmers, ages and skill level.  We will reply with potential lesson dates/times. 

The lessons offered at Parkwood or O2 Fitness are open to the general public.  
Lessons at neighborhood pools may be available only to pool members.

Check back here for enrollment information for lessons when available.
The fee is per student, not parent.

If you need to make changes to your lesson schedule, email