Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as it relates to BDA:
            Homestead, CHCC, EJAC, Campus Hills and O2 Fitness are currently closed.
            BDA plans to resume lessons and swim team April 1 (as soon as feasible) and will inform everyone via email.

            BDA is continuing to schedule lessons for April, May and soon, summer.

Pricing & Locations

 Visit our Lesson Types & Scheduling page
for lesson type descriptions and how to schedule lessons

Fall, Winter and Spring lessons are at Homestead Aquatic Center, 
Chapel Hill Community Center  and O2 Fitness in Chapel Hill

$20 annual insurance fee (non-refundable once lessons/team fees are invoiced), per student, plus:
 Fall/Winter 2019 & Spring 2020  Summer 2019  Summer 2019 

 Lesson type
Lesson Length (minutes)    
 O2 Fitness, 
CH Community Center   
 O2 Fitness, 
Neighborhood Pools


Briar Chapel

Lake Hogan Farms


  $40 per lesson
 $40 per lesson    $35 per lesson
  $55 per lesson
  $55 per lesson    $50 per lesson
  $70 per lesson
  $70 per lesson    $60 per lesson
Semi-Private  30
  $22 per student

$30 per student
  $22 per student
$30 per student
   $20 per student

$27 per student

(includes Parent/Child)


$17 per student
       $12 per student per
          Parent/Child class of  
          4 or more

$20 per student
$17 per student
       $12 per student per
          Parent/Child class of  
          4 or more

$20 per student

$15 per student
$10 per student per  Parent/Child class of 
4 or more

$18 per student

Traditional Group  One
 N/A  N/A $50
Parkwood & Briar Chapel only
Please email for 60-minute prices for semi-private or group lessons

Summer Lesson Locations
Locations open to EVERYONE:
  • Homestead Aquatic Center (Chapel Hill) - no group lessons allowed at this location
  • Chapel Hill Community Center (Chapel Hill) - no group lessons allowed at this location
  • O2 Fitness @ Cole Park Plaza (Chatham County)- create your own group classes allowed
  • Parkwood Swim Club (South Durham)create your own group classes allowed
     *** please note Parkwood Swim Club is an outdoor pool
Locations open only to neighborhood residents for lessons:
    Residents only: click the link for more information about lessons at your pool
Locations open to neighborhood residents for potential lessons:
BDA needs at least 1.5 hours of lessons in succession to visit these pools
  • Audubon Park
  • Auburn Hills
  • Chancellor's Ridge
  • Colvard Farms
  • Copperleaf
  • Grandale
  • Hills of Southpoint
  • Southpoint Manor
  • Twin Lakes
  • Woodlake
  • and perhaps YOUR neighborhood pool