Swim Lesson Prices
There is a $20 non-refundable annual insurance fee per student that covers swim lessons and swim team.  
This annual fee is in addition to the per lesson or per month swim team fee.

Fall & Winter 2017 & Spring 2018
Lesson Prices
 at  Homestead, Chapel Hill Community Center
& O2Fitness

   $20 annual insurance fee (non-refundable once lessons
         are scheduled), per student, plus:

       $40 per 30-minute Lesson - Private or Family
        $55 per 45-minute Lesson - Private or Family
        $70 per hour Lesson - Private or Family

          $22 per student per 30-minute Semi-Private Lesson

Private/Family Lessonincludes only you or your child/ren. Nearly every student will learn quickly and well in this environment. A family lesson includes up to 3 students from the same family living in the same household.  Please contact info@bluedolphinsaquatics.com for information and pricing for family lessons with 4 or more students.

Semi-Private Lesson: includes two students (not from the same family). This smaller environment allows for the fun of a friend (and a little healthy peer pressure) without the busyness of a group.  Both families need to submit a registration form.

Group Lesson: will have several students learning simultaneously. Watching others can often encourage the timid to try new things, and most will enjoy the variety within each lesson. For younger children, we also offer group Parent/Child lessons where a parent or responsible adult is in the water with each child.  For more policy information about Group Lessons, please click here.  All families need to submit a registration form.  *Group lessons are offered at Parkwood and outdoor pools only.

2017 Summer Lesson Prices
 at Parkwood, Homestead, Campus Hills,
Chapel Hill Community Center and O2 Fitness

   $20 annual insurance fee (non-refundable once lessons 
        are scheduled), per student, plus:

       $35 per 30-minute lesson - Private or Family
        $50 per 45-minute lesson - Private or Family
        $70 per hour lesson - Private or Family

         $20 per student per 30-minute Semi-Private
          $15 per student per 30-minute Group*  
              (inc. Parent/Child)
                 $10 per student per Parent/Child class of 4 or more 
Please email info@bluedolphinsaquatics.com for 45- or 60-minute prices 
for semi-private or group lessons
2017  Summer Lesson Prices 
at all other pools
Prices include our fee to travel to a pool more convenient for you
   $20 annual insurance fee (non-refundable once lessons
        are scheduled), per student, 

      $40 per 30-minute lesson - Private or Family
      $55 per 45-minute lesson - Private or Family
      $75 per hour lesson - Private or Family
      $22 per student per 30-minute Semi-Private
      $17 per student per 30-minute Group 
             (inc. Parent/Child)
           $12 per student per Parent/Child class of 4 or more
Please email info@bluedolphinsaquatics.com for 45- or 60-minute prices
for semi-private or group lessons