Pricing & Locations

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Fall 2019 session:  September 4 - December 22
Fall, Winter and Spring lessons are at Homestead Aquatic Center, 
Chapel Hill Community Center  and O2 Fitness in Chapel Hill

$20 annual insurance fee (non-refundable once lessons/team fees are invoiced), per student, plus:
 Fall/Winter 2019  Summer 2019  Summer 2019 

 Lesson type
Lesson Length (minutes)    
 O2 Fitness, 
CH Community Center   
 O2 Fitness, 
Neighborhood Pools


Briar Chapel

Lake Hogan Farms


  $40 per lesson
 $40 per lesson    $35 per lesson
  $55 per lesson
  $55 per lesson    $50 per lesson
  $70 per lesson
  $70 per lesson    $60 per lesson
Semi-Private  30
  $22 per student

$30 per student
  $22 per student
$30 per student
   $20 per student

$27 per student

(includes Parent/Child)


$17 per student
       $12 per student per
          Parent/Child class of  
          4 or more

$20 per student
$17 per student
       $12 per student per
          Parent/Child class of  
          4 or more

$20 per student

$15 per student
$10 per student per  Parent/Child class of 
4 or more

$18 per student

Traditional Group  One
 N/A  N/A $50
Parkwood & Briar Chapel only
Please email for 60-minute prices for semi-private or group lessons

Summer Lesson Locations
Locations open to EVERYONE:
  • Homestead Aquatic Center (Chapel Hill) - no group lessons allowed at this location
  • Chapel Hill Community Center (Chapel Hill) - no group lessons allowed at this location
  • O2 Fitness @ Cole Park Plaza (Chatham County)- create your own group classes allowed
  • Parkwood Swim Club (South Durham)create your own group classes allowed
     *** please note Parkwood Swim Club is an outdoor pool
Locations open only to neighborhood residents for lessons:
    Residents only: click the link for more information about lessons at your pool
Locations open to neighborhood residents for potential lessons:
BDA needs at least 1.5 hours of lessons in succession to visit these pools
  • Audubon Park
  • Auburn Hills
  • Chancellor's Ridge
  • Colvard Farms
  • Copperleaf
  • Grandale
  • Hills of Southpoint
  • Southpoint Manor
  • Twin Lakes
  • Woodlake
  • and perhaps YOUR neighborhood pool