Lesson Types & Scheduling
Create a BDA account before proceeding!

Blue Dolphins Aquatics offers swim lessons in Chapel Hill, Chatham County and Durham!
  • BDA offers private, semi-private, family and group lessons.
  • Lessons are open to students of all ages and abilities, including children under 3 and adults.
  • Lessons are scheduled based on student, pool and instructor availability.
  • A $20 non-refundable annual insurance fee applies per student once lessons are scheduled.
  • BDA is on auto-pay via credit card only.
    All customers must enter credit card information in the BDA Portal before lessons can be scheduled.
  • Review our Pricing & Locations information.
  • Please email Info@BlueDolphinsAquatics.com with any questions!

Private and Family Lessons
  • A private lesson is for a single student. Nearly every student will learn quickly and well in this environment. 
  • A family lesson is for up to three students (children and/or adults) from the same family living in the same household.
    Please contact 
    Info@BlueDolphinsAquatics.com for information and pricing for family lessons with 4 or more students.
  • Family lesson students may either swim at the same time or split the lesson time among the students.  We are happy to discuss formatting options to make sure every student gets adequate attention and time. Some examples:
    • A 7 year-old and a 4 year-old swim together for the entire 30-minute lesson
    • A 5-year-old swims for 20 minutes and 2-year-old swims for 10 minutes during a 30-minute lesson
    • In a family of three, each student swims for 15 minutes during a 45-minute lesson
    • Two students swim together for 30 minutes and a third student swims for 30 minutes during an hour lesson
  • For family lessons at Homestead Aquatic Center, BDA is limited to two participants in the water at a time (whether child or parent). Exceptions can sometimes be made if the lesson is during the school year on a weekday before 3pm. 

Semi-Private Lessons (Not currently offered)
  • A semi-private lesson is for two students not from the same family.
  • This smaller environment allows for the fun of a friend (and a little healthy peer pressure) without the busyness of a group class. 
  • Scheduling is easier if you have a second student lined up; but if not, we will do our best to match you with another student.
    When setting up semi-private lessons, we will schedule one or two initial lessons to make sure it is a good match before scheduling more lessons.
  • If you have a friend in mind please remember both families need to create an account and submit a registration form. 

Group Lessons (Not currently offered)

Group lessons include several student learning simultaneously. 
Watching others can often encourage the timid to try new things, and most will enjoy the variety with each lesson. 
Traditional Group Lessons: 
    • Group classes have an enrollment max of 4 students (max of 6 students for parent/child classes).
    • Classes typically meet in weekly increment (Monday-Thursday, with Friday as a make-up day).
    • Traditional group classes are only offered during the summer at Parkwood and Briar Chapel.
    • Please visit the Parkwood (open to anyone) or Briar Chapel (residents only) pages to schedule classes. 

Create-Your-Own Group Lessons: 
    • For groups of three or more students.
    • CUSTOMER organizes a group of friends at a similar skill level to do a group lesson that meets at your convenience (examples: once a week, twice a week, at your neighborhood pool, etc.)
    • Create-your-own group classes are NOT available at Homestead Aquatic Center. Create-your-own group classes can be scheduled at 02 Fitness and at any of our outdoor summer locations. 
    • If you would like to organize a create-your-own class, please contact Info@BlueDolphinsAquatics.com BEFORE trying to schedule so BDA can asses pool space and instructor availability. 
    • If pools space is available, all families will need to create an account and agree to BDA Policies BEFORE lessons can be set up. Once that is done, BDA asks that one customer take on the role of lesson organizer who will coordinate the schedule with their friends and communicates with the BDA scheduler. Once an initial schedule is set, BDA will include all families in the communication to confirm everyone is in agreement before classes are finalized.

To Schedule Private, Family or Semi-Private lessons:
  1. Read our Swim Academy Philosophy and Policies 
  2. Create an account for (register) your family and each swimmer (must live in your household) 
    • The person creating the account must be a legal guardian of the student(s) registered or an adult student 
    • New families will enter credit card information during the registration process 
    • You will not be billed for the non-refundable annual fee until a BDA service is scheduled
    • You may register up to 5 family members during the original family registration
    • Add additional swimmers from the BDA portal
    • Semi-private and group lessons require a registration for each family 
  3. Login to your BDA portal to request summer lessons
    • Returning families need to enter credit card information in the BDA Portal - lessons will not be scheduled until credit card informaiton is entered!
    • Once in the portal, click the link for the appropriate Request Form
    • Enter some basic information about your lesson preferences (times, dates, swimmer information) on the form
    • Using the information given on the request form, we'll email you a list of available lesson options
    • Respond with your choices from the list and we'll set those lessons up for you!
    • Receive a lesson schedule email and separate invoice from BDA for the upcoming month and annual fees, as applicable
  4. Please allow BDA up to 72 hours to send the schedule and/or invoice after the specific lesson schedule has been set
    Please allow a longer processing time during peak scheduling times.
  5. BDA will charge your credit card according to our Payment Policy