Schedule Lessons!

Blue Dolphins Aquatics must have a registration for each swimmer before lessons begin! 
BDA requires a credit card on file for each family before scheduling lessons
Your annual insurance fee (non-refundable) covers both swim academy and swim team for one year

The Process:
  • Read our Academy Philosophy and Policies (because you have to agree to them during registration)
  • Register your family and each swimmer in your family with Blue Dolphins Aquatic
    • Registration requires entry of credit card information - please read our Payment Policy to find out more!
    • Register only once for swim academy and swim team services
    • You will not be charged for the non-refundable annual fee until a BDA service is scheduled
    • You may register up to 5 family members during the original family registration
  • Read more About Our Lessons & Pricing
  • Request lessons for Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer:
  • Login to the BDA Portal 
    • Once in the portal, click the menu icon (☰), in the upper right hand corner
    • If you have not entered credit card information, please do that before submitting a lesson request form
    • Click Latest Announcements to find the lesson request forms
    • Click the lesson request form link for either fall, winter and spring or summer lessons
    • Enter some information about your lesson preferences (times, dates, swimmer information) on the form
    • Using the information given on the request form, we'll email you a list of available lesson options
    • Respond with your choices from the list and we'll set those lessons up for you!
    • Receive a lesson schedule email and invoice, if appropriate, for the upcoming month and annual fees
      • Please allow up to 2 business days to send the schedule and/or invoice after the lesson schedule has been set

The Portal:
From the 
BDA Portal, you may also:
  • Check your account transactions
  • Agree to our updated legal policies
  • Add additional swimmers and/or contacts to your family account
    • Choose "Billing and Payments" from the ☰ menu
    • Click the "Students" (or "Contacts") icon
    • Click the green + button
    • Enter the student's (or contact's) information
      • Skip fields labelled "Unused", Email, School and Cell Phone
      • Click on lines with wording to get a drop-down with choices, if applicable
    • Click "Save" from the top of the screen to save your changes
  • While you are in the portal, please check student and contact information to make sure it's complete and correct
    • Please give us two contacts with unique email addresses
    • Ignore the Employment section
    • Ignore the Birthdate for Contacts but we need to have it for swimmers!

To access the portal if you forget your password (the password was set up during registration):
  • go to the BDA Portal
  • enter the same email address you entered when you registered
  • click on the "Having Trouble?  Reset Password" link
    • a temporary password will be emailed to you
  • login with the temporary password
  • click on Account from the drop-down menu on the top right side of the portal
  • click the Settings icon
  • click the "reset Password" button
  • change the password to one you will remember

  •     If you have questions about the swim academy, please email