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How is Blue Dolphins Aquatics Swim Team different?
This team is unique in our area for several reasons.  
The BDA swim team was founded to to provide an option for local swimmers who want/need
  • monthly flexibility for scheduling purposes and 
  • monthly flexibility for financial reasons
  • monthly flexibility without obligation to pay for all months
BDA swimmers do not typically fit the "normal" year-round swim team model because typically they:
  • often want to swim less than 3 times per week, though more is welcome
  • prefer less frequent/optional swim meets
  • prefer recreational swimming with an option to participate in a few low-key swim meets
  • prefer swimming as their physical education or for exercise and fun
  • may need special considerations that do not allow easy integration into more competitive-style teams
  • prefer to swim any number of months without obligation to pay for all months
BDA contracts with local pools for swim team lane space for set times on set days according to the availability of lane space at the pool.  Therefore, BDA has limited or no flexibility to switch pools or times when a facility must close or weather affects one facility but not another.  BDA cannot offer refunds or roll-overs for unused practices because BDA has basically discounted the monthly rate by allowing the choice of number of practices.   Therefore, the number of practices is UP TO, not GUARANTEED.

BDA allows changes to the number of practices selected for a future month until the 15th of the current month.  This gives the swimmer flexibility for vacation or school break while it allows BDA time to adjust accounts and send invoices and allows time for checks to be received by the 1st of the month.  

What does the Blue Dolphins Aquatics Swim Team philosophy mean to you?

BDA will not compromise in our mission to:
  • provide a quality swim team experience at a reasonable cost
  • offer practice times and prices for public, private and homeschool families
  • provide a practice environment that can accommodate a variety of swimmers and their needs

To the best of our ability, Blue Dolphins Aquatics allows the swimmer family to:
  • swim for any number of months during the season without obligation to pay for all months
  • choose the number of practices per month (from pre-set options) to allow for financial and/or scheduling flexibility
  • participate in one or more low-key swim meets per season

Who is eligible to participate with the BDA Swim Team?   Almost anyone! 
  • Blue/White/Grey levels (ages 5 -18)
  • Summer Swim Team - a short practice session after summer league ends and/or clinics focusing on a particular skill

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