Fall Session (September - October)
is open for enrollment!

Before you make any monthly practice selections:
  1. Please read the BDA Swim Team Policies as there have been recent changes
  2. Have your filled out a BDA Registration form for your family and each swimmer?
    • Yes - please continue
    • No - STOP! please register or add a swimmer 
      You cannot make practice selections until the swimmers are registered
  3. Has each swimmer completed a try-out and received his/her level  - OR -
       do you know each returning swimmer's level
    • Yes - please continue
    • No - STOP! please fill out the try-out form and attend a try-out
      **If you are new to BDA and make practice selections before trying-out, the selections will be deleted 
  4. Go to the parent portal and follow the directions to make your September and October monthly selections!
    • Enter your login information and click "Sign In"
    • Click the Enroll tab once in the portal
    • Use the Location, Level, Month and # of practices filters to narrow the monthly selections
    • Click on the appropriate selection 
    • A list of eligible students will appear below the selection details 
      • if an eligible student does not appear, he/she may already be enrolled! - check the My Classes Tab
    • On the pop-up, click the checkbox for each student to enroll and then click "Enroll"
    • Close the confirmation pop-up
    • Repeat these steps for the remaining months for each student

  5. Fees will be automatically posted to your portal
  6. Within a few days, you will receive a copy of the schedule and an invoice
  7. Pay online via ACH transfer using our Dwolla BDA Payment Form or mail a check to the address on your invoice   

  8. If you need to make changes to your practice schedule, return to the portal and submit a new selection.
    BDA will delete the original selection, update your account and send a new schedule