Time to Try-Out!
Please check the try-out page for open and closed try-outs

Qualifications for Grey, White and Blue levels:
Age 5-18
Own a pair of fins and goggles (required equipment)
Additional requirements for each level below

Grey level (Emphasis on learning all four strokes and building endurance):
          45 minute practice
Ages 5-8
Can follow directions
Complete 25 yards freestyle (1 length) with knowledge of side breathing
Complete 25 yards backstroke (1 length)
Have endurance to complete a 45 minute practice that consists of multiple 25 yard lengths
Swimmers not ready for the Grey group are encouraged to take lessons with our Swim Academy 
**  Please note this level replaces our former Swim Team Prep program for swimmers age 5-8

White level (Emphasis on technique and some speed work):
          60 minute practice
Ages 5 - 18
          Complete a legal 50 yard freestyle (2 lengths)
Complete a legal 50 yard backstroke (2 lengths)
Demonstrate rotary breathing while swimming freestyle
   If joining September - December:
Demonstrate breaststroke for 25 yards
Demonstrate basic butterfly (does not have to be legal)
   If joining January - May:
Complete a legal 25 yard breaststroke (1 length)
Complete a legal 25 yard butterfly kick
Have endurance to complete a set of 3 x 50 yards freestyle with 30 seconds rest and maintain the stroke
Swimmers not ready for the White group are encouraged to join our Grey level - or -
lessons in our Swim Academy 

Blue level (Emphasis on technique and training):
          90 minute practice
Ages 8-18
Complete a legal 200 yard freestyle (8 lengths)
Demonstrate all 4 strokes legally (or very close)

If you have questions about swim team, please email our SwimTeamDirector@bluedolphinsaquarics.com.