Swim Team Equipment - All Levels

*What kind of fins does my swimmer need?

        • Look for fins with a rubber boot (no heel strap) and a flexible blade (not stiff  like diving fins).  
        • Here's an example: TYR Fins
        • These are usually sized according to shoe size. 
        • If you have fins with a strap/hard blade, they can still be used...they just tend to make it harder as the straps tend to fall off and cause trouble, requiring the kids/coaches to have to stop to fix fins more than necessary.

Where can I get fins and goggles:

  1. Online- if you know your size, you may order from our Custom Team Shop.  
  2. The SKS Sports Shop in Hillsborough (across the street from the Sportsplex) sells kids and adult fins.  You may contact their helpful staff at shopsks@aol.com.  SKS also has a LOT of goggles and they are wonderful with helping you find goggles that fit and work well - they handle prescription goggles, too!
  3. Larger adult size fins can usually be found at Omega Sports.