Swim Team Policies

Monthly Swim Team Enrollment (Practice Selections) Policy

BDA swim team is divided into four sessions Enrollments (practice selections) open for one session at a time.

  • Fall (September – October)
  • Winter (November – February)
  • Spring (March – May)
  • Summer (June – August) – (consists of Clinics & Stroke Development, not routine practice)

You must try-out for the swim team BEFORE enrolling for Fall, Winter and Spring sessions (our regular season)

  • BDA swim team enrolls on a monthly basis, offering the opportunity to choose a desired number of practices per month or to skip one or more months all together
  • Summer Clinics have minimum skill requirements but no try-out is required
  • If you are new to BDA swim team and enroll for the Fall, Winter or Spring session without a try-out or permission from the Swim Team Coordinator, your enrollment selections will be deleted until you have completed a try-out or received permission to enroll

When enrolling for Fall, Winter and Spring sessions:

  • Choose a primary location for each swimmer
    (Please note that you are allowed to swim at other non-primary locations if you can’t make your “regular” practice, but swimmers must stay within the practice times of their particular level)
    • Chapel Hill
    • Chatham County
    • Durham
    • Homeschool/Daytime
  • For each swimmer, enroll for every month in the session
    • Choose the desired number of practices for each month you plan to swim (3, 5, 8 or unlimited)
    • The number of practices is per month, not per week
    • Select “0 practices” to confirm you want to skip the month
  • If you wish to change an enrollment you have previously selected, submit a new enrollment for the month following the process above

BDA allows upward and downward changes to the number of practices selected as follows:
          Please refer to the BDA Swim Team Pricing page for specifics
  • Any new enrollments or upward/downward changes for an upcoming month entered on or before the 20th of the previous month are billed at the Early Enrollment rate
  • New enrollments or upward changes submitted after the 20th of the previous month for the upcoming month are billed at the Late Enrollment rate
  • The first swim team enrollment for new swimmers will be billed at the Early Enrollment rate
  • Enrollments for the current month entered during the current month will be billed at the Late Enrollment rate
  • NO downward changes for the upcoming month are allowed after the 20th of the previous month
BDA sends a reminder email each month, on or near the 15th, with applicable practice schedule information for the upcoming month as well as a reminder of the 20th change deadline.

Payment and Late Fee Policy

  • Blue Dolphins Aquatics requires a non-refundable annual registration/insurance fee of $20 per student
  • Blue Dolphins Aquatics invoices on a monthly basis for the upcoming month’s fees
  • Payment is due by the 25th of the month for the upcoming month (i.e. September 25 for October practices)
  • A $10 late fee will be applied if payment due is not received before the 1st of the month
  • If enrolling during the current month for the current month, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice
  • BDA accepts payment via ACH transfer and by mailing in checks (do not bring payment to practice)
  • BDA reserves the right to refuse services if payment is not received

Cancelled or Unused Practices Policy

  • Unused or cancelled practices do not roll over to the next month and will not be credited
  • Rain does not cancel practice.  Thunder requires a 30-minute evacuation of the pool area
  • The BDA snow/inclement weather policy is determined by the Durham or Chapel Hill school system
    • If the school system cancels/delays beyond the practice start time, practice at the associated pool may be cancelled – check email for updates
    • If practice is cancelled before it starts, the team will be notified by email
    • If practice is cancelled while in session, parents will be called to pick up their swimmer(s)
    • If your coach cannot get to practice, BDA will send an email as soon as possible

Behavior Expectations and Discipline Policy

Swimmer/Parent Code of Conduct

  • All facility rules, lifeguards, and staff must be obeyed by all swimmers and visitors on deck.
  • Physical, verbal, abuse of any kind towards the coach/staff/other swimmers by a swimmer or parent will result in termination of further participation on the swim team without a refund or credit.  This includes bullying, generally defined as the use of aggression, whether intentional or not, which hurts another person.
  • All coaches and staff of Blue Dolphins Aquatics are committed to integrity in electronic communication with athletes.  All communication from a coach or staff member to an athlete would be equally appropriate and acceptable in a face-to-face meeting in front of the athlete’s parents, the coaching staff or other athletes.
  • Blue Dolphins Aquatics reserves the right to refuse services at our discretion, or at any time in which the Code of Conduct is not followed.
As a Blue Dolphins Aquatics Swim Team member, the swimmer will:
  • Show respect to my coaches and the other athletes
  •  Show good sportsmanship
  • Be a role model and friend to his/her teammates
  • Arrive on time
  • Acquire and be responsible for his/her own equipment
  • Abstain from inappropriate behaviors such as foul language, inappropriate comments, verbal or physical violence
  • Abstain from inappropriate verbal or electronic communication with any BDA coach or staff member
  • Pay attention and follow the coach’s instructions

Discipline Policy

If discipline is required, the coaches will operate on the “Three Strikes, You’re Out” rule.
  • The swimmer will be given a warning and may be asked to sit out of practice.
  • If the behavior continues, the swimmer will be asked to leave practice. Parents will be contacted.
  • If the swimmer is asked to leave practice on two separate occasions, the coaches reserve the right to refuse that swimmer any further participation on the team and no refund of payment will be given.

If you have questions about swim team, please email our SwimTeamDirector@bluedolphinsaquatics.com.