Blue Dolphins’ Aquatics Presents:

 Pirate Meet!



Saturday, April 8, 2017
9 am - 2pm
Hillsborough Sportsplex
101 Meadowlands Drive
Hillsborough, NC

Facility Rules:
- All facility rules and lifeguards are to be obeyed at all times. 
- No running or horseplay
No food or drink on deck with the exception of water. 
   We have children with very serious allergies, so it is very important that food and drink NOT be on the deck. 
- No glass containers in the pool area. Please exit to the lobby to eat or drink. Thank you!


The meet will run from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

8:00 am – Volunteer Check-in (Round 1)
8:30 am – Doors open for swimmers & Volunteer Check-in (Round 2)
9:00 am – Warm Up
10:00 am – Meet begins!
2:00 pm – Estimated finish time/clean-up begins


$15 per swimmer

You do not have to be signed up for April practice to attend the meet!  
However, swimmers need to have swam at some point between January to March 2017. 
Please note that after March 20th if you register and then cannot attend the meet the fee still applies.

Events and Registration

Meet Entries:

  • Meet registration deadline is midnight on Monday, March 20.
  • All swimmers will be entered in a maximum of 3 individual events if 8&U or 4 individual events if 9&O (in addition to a possible relay)
  • We may be able to raise the maxium number of individual events per swimmer once we have a beter idea of total meet swimmers
  • Coaches will choose the events for each swimmer entered.  If your swimmer wishes to change one of their events they can speak with a coach at practice.  Each swimmer can only swim one even in each subset, e.g. a swimmer will not be entered in botht eh 9-10 25 Free and 9-10 50 Free - only one or the other.

10&U 100 IM
11&O 200 IM

6&U 25 Free
7-8 25 Free
9-10 25 Free
9-10 50 Free
11&O 100 Free 

6&U 25 Breast
7-8 25 Breast
9-10 25 Breast
9-10 50 Breast
11&O 50 Breast
11&O 100 Breast 

8&U 50 Free
9-10 100 Free
9&O 500 Free

6&U 25 Back
7-8 25 Back
9-10 25 Back
9-10 50 Back
11&O 100 Back 

6&U 25 Fly
7-8 25 Fly
9-10 25 Fly
9-10 50 Fly
11&O 50 Fly
11&O 100 Fly

8&U G 100 Free Relay
8&U B 100 Free Relay
9-10 G 200 Medley Relay
9-10 B 200 Medley Relay
11&O G 200 Medley Relay
11&O B 200 Medley Relay


Each event will be seeded in heats from slowest to fastest.  Events will be divided by age group and gender, and seeded accordingly to time. Some events we may combine genders and age groups if entries are low.


Scoring will be according to age group and by gender.  Two timers will time each lane for each race and the average between the two times will be considered the final time. The scoring will be done according to the final times.   

1st place will be worth 5 points
2nd place will be worth 3 points
3rd place will be worth 1 point.  

In the case of a tie, two of the same place (i.e. two 1sts) will be awarded and points distributed accordingly.

Results and final scores will be completed after the meet and reported to the teams within one week.


Blue Dolphins will provide heat winners prizes and prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all age groups and by gender!

Please remind your child that they are responsible for not missing their events and paying attention to the directions of the team parent(s)! The event number will be clearly displayed in a specific location so that all swimmers will know when to start lining up.



We encourage parents to volunteer during the meet! This will not affect your ability to watch your child compete, since all volunteers will be on the pool deck. Some positions, like swim team parent or clerk of course may be better suited to experienced swim parents. If you are new to swimming, jobs like timer, water distributor, or check in are good places to start!

      Blue items are ROUND 1 positions, which arrive at 8:00 am.
      All other items are ROUND 2 positions, which arrive by 8:30 am.

Head Timer:
Need 1; requires experience/training

Need 8; Use a stopwatch to record the time for the swimmer

Relief Timer:
Need 2; backup time in case a stopwatch malfunctions or isn’t started

Stroke and Turn Judge:
Need 4; requires experience/training

Place Judge:
Need 4; records the order of swimmers finishing the race

Clerk of course:
Need 4; Find swimmers and line them up according to race order

Team Parent:
Need 2 per team; On deck to watch over the kids (Max of 6)

Set-up crew:
Need 3; come early and help set up; will need to arrive early

Clean-up crew:
Need 3; stay late and help clean up

Volunteer Check-in Director:
Need 1: check in volunteers, give out name tags, clipboards, watches, etc.; The Director will be responsible for making sure all volunteers are in place the day of the meet, and will need to arrive early

Swimmer Check-in:
Need 2: check in swimmers as they arrive; will need to arrive early

Need 2: writes events on swimmer's arms (if not already done) when they arrive; will need to arrive early

Heat Winner Person:
Need 1: Distribute a heat winner "ribbon" to the winner of each heat

Gear Seller:
Need 1: Sells t-shirts, stickers, etc.  Starting a little before check-in and going through warm-ups; will need to arrive early

Tattoo Person:
Need 2: Puts BDA tattoos on swimmer’s arms; will need to arrive early

Need 2: takes pictures!

Need 2: collects print outs and timer sheets after each event

Water distributor:
Need 1: Gives water to the timers, officials, coaches 

**  Click this link to learn more details about these volunteer positions.  **

We need volunteers to make this a success. Sign-up form to follow. Thank you in advance for your support!