Swim Team FAQs

Do I have to attend the same practice/s location/s every week?    
We highly encourage swimmers to stay with the same practice time/s and location/s, but it is not required.
Swim Team Prep swimmers must attend the Saturday practice at Campus Hills
You can't make your normal Monday practice, you may come Tuesday instead
CHCC practice interferes with little sister's ballet recital, you can come to Campus Hills that week instead
Does BDA pro-rate monthly fees? 
No, but you may come to other practices for your level that aren't your normal times to get to your minimum number.  
If you cannot attend practices on a different day/time, you may choose to skip practice that month.
I was not able to attend all the practices I paid for this month because the pool was closed/practice was canceled.  Can my practices "roll over" into next month, or may I receive a credit for my missed practices?
No.  For details, please see our Cancelled Practices Policy.
AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH I haven't received my invoice yet!  
If I don't get it, I won't be able to pay on time!  Will I be charged a late fee if I don't get my invoice on time?
First, check your spam folder just in case.  Second, it's a person not an auto-response who sends the emails, so please allow us up to 48 business hours to process the registration and practice selections and email your invoice.  If you still didn't receive your invoice, feel free to email our SwimTeamDirector@bluedolphinsaquatics.com to check the status.  If you don't receive it in time to pay before the 1st of the month, just let Julia-Scott know your payment is on the way - we know when it is our fault and we will make sure you don't get charged a late fee in that case.
May I pay the coach when I get there?
No.  We accept online and mailed in checks ONLY.  If you hand us a check on deck we will hand it back. 
I forgot to pay! Can Sally swim today and I'll just pay when I get home?  
No.  We must receive payment before the swimmer can practice.
What if I pay after the due date? 
See our payment policy for information on late fees.
Little Johnny is nervous about his butterfly/breastroke/flipturns/dives/etc.  Do the coaches ever give extra help outside practice? 
Yes!  Part of Blue Dolphins Aquatics is a Swim Academy (lessons).  The instructors are the same coaches you will see on deck every day.  In fact, we can often do lessons right before or after practices, so if you need some pointers, let us know!  You can find out more about lessons by clicking the Swim Academy link above. 

Susie REALLY wants to move up a group.  When will that happen? 
The coaches will be periodically evaluating each swimmer to move them to the next group as soon as they are ready.  If skills is the main hold up, you may consider a few private lessons (see above) to help them move on up quicker.  And always feel free to ask the coaches (not while they are coaching, please :)) about your child's level and the prospect of moving up.  We're always open for questions, and may have some thoughts on ways to help them move up quicker.
Will we have swim meets? 
             Yes!  We are aiming for about 4 meets this year.  All will be optional.  We will post Swim Meet information as we know more.