Blue Dolphins Aquatics must have a registration for each swimmer before swim team begins!  
Your annual insurance fee covers both swim team and swim academy for one year

Are you ready to dive in?

BDA requires registration for all students (team and academy) 
  1. Read our Swim Team philosophy, policies and FAQs
  2. Register your family and each swimmer (registration covers both swim academy and swim team)
    • You will not be billed for the non-refundable annual fee until a BDA service is scheduled
    • You may register up to 5 family members during the original family registration
    • Set your portal password when you register online
  3. Attend a swim team try-out to determine your appropriate practice level
    • If you are a returning BDA team swimmer and know your practice level, you do not need to try-out
    • If you are a recent BDA academy swimmer, please email the and ask for your swim team level
  4. After you have been assigned your practice level:
    • review the swim team calendar for important dates
    • review the practice schedule for any level-specific important dates
    • login to the BDA portal and make monthly practice selections
  5. Once in the portal, follow the directions to make monthly practice selections for each swimmer for each month in the session
    • Fees will be automatically posted to your portal
    • Within a few days, you will receive a practice selection schedule and invoice, if appropriate, by email  
  6. Pay online via ACH transfer using our Dwolla BDA Payment Form or mail a check to the address on your invoice  

Use the BDA portal to:
  • Make or check monthly team practice selections (directions inside the portal)
  • Check your account transactions
  • Agree to our updated legal policies
  • Add/update swimmer/contact information
    • Choose "Billing and Payments" from the ☰ menu
    • Click the "Students" (or "Contacts") icon
    • Click the green + button
    • Enter the student's (or contact's) information
      • Skip fields labelled "Unused"
      • Click on lines with wording to get a drop-down with choices, if applicable
    • Click "Save" from the top of the screen to save your changes
    • While you are in the portal, please check student and contact information to make sure it's complete and correct
      • Please give us two contacts with unique email addresses
      • Ignore the Employment section
      • Ignore the Birthdate for Contacts but we need to have it for swimmers!

To access the portal for the if you forget your password (the password was set up during registration):
  • go to the BDA Portal 
  • enter your email address (the same email address you entered when you registered)
  • click on the "Forgot your password for need to get started?" link
    • a temporary password will be emailed to you
  • login with the temporary password
  • click on Account from the ☰ menu
  • click the Settings icon
  • click the "reset Password" button
  • change the password to one you will remember

    If you have questions about swim team, please email our