Ready to dive in with the swim team?

The Enrollment Process
  1. Read our Swim Team philosophy and policies
  2. Create an account for (register) your family and each swimmer (must live in your household) 
    • The person creating the account must be a legal guardian of the swimmer(s) registered
    • The account will not be billed for the non-refundable annual fee until a BDA service is scheduled
    • Swimmers may be added to the account - no need to register again
  3. Attend a swim team try-out to determine your appropriate practice level
  4. After being assigned a practice level
    • Review the swim team calendar for important dates
    • Review the practice schedule for any level-specific important dates
    • Login to the BDA portal and make monthly practice selections
      • Please enroll for all months in the open session
      • The invoice includes only practices for the current/upcoming month
  5. Once in the portal, follow the directions to make monthly practice selections for each swimmer for each month in the session
    • Fees will be automatically posted to the account
    • Within a few days, a practice schedule and invoice, if appropriate, will be sent by email

Use the BDA portal to:
  • Enroll in or check monthly team practice selections (directions inside the portal)
  • View account transactions and/or past email messages
  • Agree to the BDA updated legal policies
  • Add/update swimmer/contact information
    • Choose "Billing and Payments" from the ☰ menu
    • Click the "Students" (or "Contacts") icon
    • Click the green + button
    • Enter the student's (or contact's) information
      • Skip fields labelled "Unused"
      • Click on lines with wording to get a drop-down with choices, if applicable
    • Click "Save" from the top of the screen to save your changes

 If you have questions about swim team, please email